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Introducing Flashback 4 from White Rose Maths

One of the questions we get asked all the time at White Rose Maths is: 

“How do we ensure children continue to regularly practice topics they have studied earlier in the year?”

One thing we always encourage is revisiting concepts through other topics.  
We’ve decided to go one-step further and, for our premium subscribers, provide a series of four quick questions for children to do at the start of a lesson. 

Let us introduce to you Flashback 4

We have thought long and hard about the questions. They have been chosen carefully.  

We use the principles of spaced learning to recall the appropriate concepts:  

  • The first question is likely to be something children did in the previous lesson.
  • The next question is something they did last week, to keep that ticking over.
  • The third and fourth questions are related to concepts they studied last month, or maybe much earlier in the year (or even last year)

Significant benefits of Flashback 4 include:

  • They follow the White Rose Maths Schemes, so are perfect if you follow our teaching sequence.
  • The questions have been designed to take a maximum of 5 minutes to do in total!  We don’t want too much lesson time being used on these so as not to reduce the time available for new learning.
  • They help to ensure the essential skills are regularly revisited and retrieved to strengthen retention.
  • They help children remember more.
We really hope you enjoy our new Flashback 4 activities. For access to all the new resources from January, check out our Premium Resources site here: https://resources.whiterosemaths.com/

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